Sunday, February 24, 2008

Webkinz Pictures And Lil' Pictures

This site is not an official site of, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Ganz, Inc., Webkinz™, or Lil'Kinz™. All character names, logos, and images are trademarks owned by Ganz, Inc.

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Click here to learn how to draw a Webkinz

How to search for Webkinz Pictures:

STEP 1: There are two ways to search for pictures...
  1. Look for the Webkinz or Lil' Kinz pet type that you want from the "Webkinz Collection List" or "Lil' Kinz Collection List" below. For example, when searching for webkinz love puppy [pet type] you will get different love puppy pictures.
  2. Or, look for an animal group name such as "webkinz Dog" and search for all pet types of dogs with pictures.
When including lil' kinz with the animal group such as lil kinz cat, you will get all lil' kinz pictures.

The Lil' Kinz is a smaller version Webkinz and usually cost less. It also comes with a new tag and unique security code to access Webkinz World.

STEP 2: Either TYPE or COPY/PASTE the pet type or animal group as it appears in the list below, then ENTER the name in the eBay window SEARCH BOX above or below. Click the "Search" button to find pictures.

Note: You can also enter webkinz accessory to see pictures of all accessories, or enter an accessory by group name such as webkinz clothes, webkinz trading cards, etc. You will notice that some individual cats, dogs, etc., belong to both Webkinz and Lil' Kinz Collection Lists such as webkinz basset hound. When including webkinz with an animal group such as webkinz dog [different types of dogs], you will get all webkinz including lil' kinz pictures.

The eBay windows appearing at the top and bottom of the page are already set to show all Webkinz cat pictures [animal group]. This is the default setting. You can hover your mouse [without clicking] over a picture to get a larger view. However when you click a picture, you will be taken directly to an eBay auction listing while remaining on this page.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

List of Webkinz and Lil' Kinz Pets

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The following is a list of Webkinz and Lil' Kinz stuffed animals gathered from Webkinz World's website. This list will be updated as new Webkinz become available.

Webkinz Collection List:

Webkinz Groups...

webkinz cat [animal group]

  1. webkinz gold and white cat [pet type]
  2. webkinz gray and white cat
  3. webkinz himalayan
  4. webkinz persian cat
  5. webkinz pink and white cat
  6. webkinz alley cat
  7. webkinz black and white cat
  8. webkinz black cat
  9. webkinz charcoal cat
  10. webkinz cheeky cat

webkinz dog
  1. webkinz dalmation
  2. webkinz german shepherd
  3. webkinz golden retirever
  4. webkinz husky
  5. webkinz love puppy
  6. webkinz pink poodle
  7. webkinz poodle
  8. webkinz schnauzer
  9. webkinz st bernard
  10. webkinz white terrier
  11. webkinz yellow lab
  12. webkinz yorkie
  13. webkinz basset hound
  14. webkinz beagle
  15. webkinz black and white cheeky dog
  16. webkinz black lab
  17. webkinz black poodle
  18. webkinz bulldog
  19. webkinz cheeky dog
  20. webkinz chihuahua
  21. webkinz chocolate lab
  22. webkinz cocker spaniel
  23. webkinz collie
  24. webkinz pug

webkinz bear
  1. webkinz black bear
  2. webkinz koala
  3. webkinz panda
  4. webkinz polar bear

webkinz horse
  1. webkinz black friesian
  2. webkinz brown arabian
  3. webkinz clydesdale
  4. webkinz grey arabian
  5. webkinz horse
  6. webkinz pink pony
  7. webkinz pinto

webkinz frog
  1. webkinz bullfrog
  2. webkinz frog
  3. webkinz love frog
  4. webkinz spotted frog
  5. webkinz tie dye frog
  6. webkinz tree frog

webkinz monkey
  1. webkinz cheeky monkey
  2. webkinz gorilla
  3. webkinz monkey

webkinz rabbit
  1. webkinz rabbit
  2. webkinz sherbet bunny

miscellaneous (must search individually)
  1. webkinz cow
  2. webkinz duck
  3. webkinz elephant
  4. webkinz goggles
  5. webkinz hippo
  6. webkinz kangaroo
  7. webkinz penguin
  8. webkinz pig
  9. webkinz raccoon
  10. webkinz reindeer
  11. webkinz seal
  12. webkinz turtle
  13. webkinz elephant
  14. webkinz leopard
  15. webkinz lion
  16. webkinz tiger
  17. webkinz pegasus
  18. webkinz unicorn
Total Webkinz: 74

lil kink cat
  1. lil kinz alley cat
  2. lil kinz black and white cat
  3. lil kinz gold and white cat
  4. lil kinz gray and white cat
  5. lil kinz persian cat

lil kinz dog
  1. lil kinz basset hound
  2. lil kinz bulldog
  3. lil kinz chihuahua
  4. lil kinz cocker spaniel
  5. lil kinz dalmation
  6. lil kinz golden retriever
  7. lil kinz pug
  8. lil kinz st bernard
  9. lil kinz white terrier
  10. lil kinz yorkie
  11. lil kinz poodle

lil kinz bear
  1. lil kinz black bear
  2. lil kinz koala
  3. lil kinz panda
  4. lil kinz polar bear

lil kinz frog
  1. lil kinz bullfrog
  2. lil kinz frog
  3. lil kinz tree frog

miscellaneous (must search individually)
  1. lil kinz cow
  2. lil kinz elephant
  3. lil kinz googles
  4. lil kinz gorilla
  5. lil kinz hippo
  6. lil kinz horse
  7. lil kinz leopard
  8. lil kinz lion
  9. lil monkey
  10. lil kinz penquin
  11. lil kinz pig
  12. lil kinz rabbit
  13. lil kinz tiger
  14. lil kinz unicorn
Total Webkinz: 37

Grand Total: 111

Example: Enter webkinz dog or lil kinz dog to see pictures of all types of dogs. (see lists above for animal groups).

Or, enter webkinz love puppy to see all pictures of a love puppy.
(see lists above for pet types)

Click here to learn how to draw a Webkinz

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How To Draw A Webkinz Pet

This site is not an official site of, sponsored by, nor affiliated with Ganz, Inc., Webkinz™, or Lil'Kinz™. All character names, logos, and images are trademarks owned by Ganz, Inc.

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It's Fun... It's Cool... It's EaSy to draw Webkinz Pictures

Just follow any one of the layouts below and you can draw pictures of Webkinz pets in no time. It only takes a little practice and before you know it, you will have your pictures hanging on the wall, in your books or somewhere so that your parents, teachers and friends can see.

Use your imagination... use crayons, color pencils or paint to color your pictures and have fun with it!